How it works


Lantori immediately pinpoints the location of an electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic fault and provides the information required to fix it. A simple “click” on the alarm line or icon on your SCADA or DCS system will invoke the software, thus providing the information that is instrumental in pinpointing the location of the fault.

Traditionally, locating a fault is a manual process that might involve personnel from different parts of your business working together in a process of elimination. Not any longer.


The system provides specific and immediate schematics of associated circuitry and defines required part numbers to facilitate repair, minimising the need for specialist knowledge and empowering business to reduce downtime, increase productivity and eliminate escalation progressions.


Lantori enhances your systems, your workflow and your team efficiency. It buys you uptime at minimal cost. Downtime costs companies thousands per hour, we’ll save you that for a fraction of the outgoings. We offer unparalleled plant efficiency.

Nobody likes people who find fault with everything. We’re the exception.